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I need my Halloween fix! I've been gathering a few items form Dollar Tree and Goodwill, but also hit a sale at Shindigz catalog.

I got these cool crypt silhouettes, that measure 7 by 7 feet. Got 2. On sale for ONLY $15 each, plus free shipping on all orders over $100! May use them to form a dungeon or as a backdrop to a cemetery scene up on the stage for the haunted house. (I am helping run the elementary's haunted house, and it will be inside the cafeteria, plenty of space with a fab stage as well).

corex crypt prop from Shindigz.jpg

They're also marking down flaming torch lamps. I bought quite a few of these, as they are only $9.99 each!

flaming table torch - 2 for vampire's lair.jpg

And their roles of black backdrop 100 ft by 12 are on sale for $39.99.

Gotta love me a sale! :D
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