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I wanted to share a bit of info on some software that I've been using for years as a soundboard on my laptop.

The software is called SoundPlant, and it allows you to bind up to 70 keys on your computer keyboard to play back sound effects and music in real time. You can play up to 8 channels at once, just tap the keys! The onscreen interface is easy to use. You can color code the keys on the screen to identify the type of sound (monster, music, etc), and all you have to do is drag and drop the sound file from a folder onto the corresponding key you wish to program. It is that simple! The software also allows you to speed up, slow down, fade, pan, etc.

The software is free, but I highly recommend that if you plan to use it, you pay for a registered version. In the unregistered version, you can only use .wav and .aif files up to 16-bit uncompressed. In the full version, you get to use .mp3.

I have used this software for years to add ambiance to my tabletop roleplaying games, live action roleplaying games (H.P. Lovecraft inspired themes), and now with Halloween. It is perfect to use if you have someone that is a dedicated sound effects operator for your setup, or you can just program certain sound effects to play on a loop, and hit other keys as needed. Here is a screen grab of the software:


I have thousands of sound effects and music clips in my library...most of them public domain or royalty free.

The website is www.soundplant.org
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