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Soccer Ball + Goal Post = Man Eating Plant

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So lets say it's Halloween month and you just happen to find an old soccer ball, the remnants of a goal post and some free time. Hmmm, what to do???

Tennis ball Table Ball Floor Furniture

A) sharp knife
B) attach ball to wire hanger and insert into/around the goal post
B) green paint
C) foam teeth + hot glue =
Grass Yard Lawn Backyard Tree

A) aluminum foil and painters tape wrapped around the pole
B) then joint compound
C) then drylock
D) funky green paint
E) color the rubber latex bladder a tongue color
F) hot glue some fake leaves
G) some chains.
I) place container in a sunny spot and feed twice a day.
Houseplant Flowerpot Plant Flower Tree
Flower Plant Yard Flowerpot Houseplant

Don't worry, I am turning him into a vegan. The kids will be fine on Halloween.

Lovely Day...
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Very nice work. Great creativity. Wish I could look at something and just make it into something like you did. A+
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