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So lets say it's Halloween month and you just happen to find an old soccer ball, the remnants of a goal post and some free time. Hmmm, what to do???

UM 064.jpg

A) sharp knife
B) attach ball to wire hanger and insert into/around the goal post
B) green paint
C) foam teeth + hot glue =
UM 049.jpg

A) aluminum foil and painters tape wrapped around the pole
B) then joint compound
C) then drylock
D) funky green paint
E) color the rubber latex bladder a tongue color
F) hot glue some fake leaves
G) some chains.
I) place container in a sunny spot and feed twice a day.
UM 071.jpg UM 062.jpg

Don't worry, I am turning him into a vegan. The kids will be fine on Halloween.

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Very nice work. Great creativity. Wish I could look at something and just make it into something like you did. A+
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