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I've been meaning to post about this guy, Rich, who always enjoyed pirate themes....and well one backyard project lead to another (you know how that goes) and started turning his backyard into a tropical pirates cove. Well come Halloween one year his mom wanted him to go see some pirate ship that someone had built for their halloween display, which they were going to get rid of, and he passed on it but then got online the next day and did a search for one...turned up the POTC Black Pearl and another one being sold in Canada. One thing lead to another and he bought the ship in Canada and had it delivered. I remember seeing many stories in the newspaper about his backyard and subsequently the delivery of his pirates ship and always meant to post here about it. Tonight found this You tube video of Morgan's Cove and thought if you're into pirates for your haunt you might appreciate how an interest in something can lead to something REALLY big. As I recall the ship is docked in their front yard.

The video/documentary is 30 minutes long and I believe is going to be shown at the Poppy Jasper Film festival in town this year. The story of the actual pirate ship starts about 15 minutes into it.

Due to the length of it I'm not embedding it and feel it plays much better directly played thru you tube. Here's the link: http://youtu.be/nz3fnV4I5YE
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