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Besides tombstones and corpses, of course.
For those of you who do a cemetery as part of your haunt or display, what other props do you use? I have hanging ghosts, groundbreakers, and my witch area is off to one side. In the past, I've had my standing grim reaper and, though creepy and effective, I've grown a little bored with him. I really need something to take over that spot. Something impressive but relatively simple to put together at this late date.
So who all resides in your cemetery?

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I have a creepy butler holding a chandelier and great people has they come to the door and will be getting a groundbreaker tonight and I have a 3 foot tall mini butler holding a bowl with candies to give to the kids my steps to the door .I also have a spider section on the garage door wall by the front door.

Next year I want to make one of those Monster Mud Reaper holding a light saw a thread on to make one and I love the look of those !

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Apart from the standard stones, columns, fence, etc. we have a breathing grave, which is a small detail, but is very much enjoyed by those that notice. It is also fairly simple to rig, and put together.

We also included a skeletal gravedigger last year. Quick and easy to set up:

Last year was the first time rear projecting through the mausoleum (the scrim is visible in the picture below), and that was flanked by the violin playing skellie. The rear projection is pretty simple if you have a good way to camouflage the screen, and the violinist was only about an afternoon to rig up once I had everything together:

And, while it's certainly not quick to get together, and not technically IN the cemetery (it is more cemetery-adjacent), the hearse is definitely a part of the scene. ;)

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