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We opened a bar earlier this year, it's a live music venue, mainly local heavy metal bands on the weekend, karaoke etc during the week. I'm REALLY excited about Halloween this year but somewhat spreading myself thin and not getting enough prop stuff done. My main focus is, of course, decorating the bar so my home haunt is being seriously neglected ( and stolen from by me!:p)

I'd also like to plan something special for Halloween night, like a theme party of sorts (thinking rock and roll zombies?) but kinda stumped on ideas. My creative juices are flowing in too many directions! But it would be nice to finalize something so I can start promoting it.

And and all ideas welcome!

Also, I plan on getting up in the attic today since the weather is so cool, can't wait to see all of my Halloween stuff again! I think that will really kick start my focus.
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