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I want to be a vampire for halloween and have the following items ate my disposal:

1. Dental Distortion veneers - Lucius ones
2. Prosthetic from angel in buffy the vampire slayer
3. 5" Platform Boots

Now I really really really dont want to blow a ton of money, however if I do I will be buying black sclerea lenses at which point my budget is pretty much gone.

Now with that being said ... I need ideas on outifts. I really want to go to fanplusfreind.com and buy stuff, but for pants, coat, and shirt I'm looking around another 200 bucks. I'm just not willing to spend nearly 600 bucks in total on my costume!

So what suggestions do you guys have? While I really like the victorian/elegant look, I want to be scary as hell!

Thanks guys
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