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So looking to build things like this..

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So, I've been kicking around building some life like figures such as witches and so on. With that said, I don't really want to buy costumes for them but would I use material? Maybe burlap with monster mud on top and then dye cheesecloth and hang it over them?
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Great Idea! I've done that in the past and not sure why I hadn't thought of that yet lol
Would love to see some photos if you can DIG them up ha ha

My witches have always worn burlap, usually wrapped in various manner about them (my framework for my witches is a post, with a cross piece for the shoulders to which I attach chicken wire, used to form out the bulk of the body - the head is attached to the top of the post).

I like to drape the burlap over the body frame, and let it hang to the ground, eliminating the need to make legs and feet. I also wrap the head like a babushka, but then wrap the neck area as well.

I have found that varying the colors of the burlap (all staying a form of brown) gives some depth and interest, making it seem more like actual clothing. I've done the coloring with coffee and spray paint, as well as leaving some out in the sun to bleach it naturally.

Really, my witches are simply a face with burlap, giving the impression of a body. It makes the creation, moving and storage of them very simple.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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