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Hey all. This is going to be a long post for what i would like to do for 2009. I am jumping into new territory here and could use the help of my fellow haunters. I will set the scene for you all on what i want to accomplish. I am not afraid to take on tech stuff so lets start.

The scene will be. First i want a set of singing pumpkins. (maybe 6 to 8) out in the front corner of the yard. I would like them to do about 3 songs then shut down for the next part of the scene. I will be building a haunted shack (full size) I have no problem with this. The shack will have a moving skillet on 1 wall and a moving rocking chair on the other side. I will use either reindeer motors or wiper motors to accomplish this as these 2 objects will always be moving. There will also be a couple of flicker lanterns on the shack. Again no problem with this. A creepy door will be in the center and will be lit from behind with a red light and a fogger will be used to send fog up through the floor boards of the porch part along with a green light. Still with me? Good. here's where i need help. I want to have 2 3 axis skellies sitting in 2 chairs on each side of the door. I have no problem building the kits. After the singing pumpkins finish there 3 songs i would like a normal flood light to come up slow and shine on the skellies. Then i would like them to go into their routine. The routine would be something like this......

1st skellie starts by saying "hey dummy, wake up we have guests" looking over to 2nd skellie. 2nd skellie looks up and says "oh boy look at all the hallow weenies. 1st skellie. "now you be nice. They came here to here the scary story. 2nd skellie. " wow there sure are a lot of pretty lights around here. 1st skellie. " Now whats that got to do with the story?" 2nd skellie. "nothin. 1st skellie. "Can we got on with the story please" At this point i want the 2nd skellie to start starring at the rocking chair. Remember? The one that is moving? 1st skellie. "whats the matter with you?" 2nd skellie. "The rocking chair is moving" 1st skellie. "if you think thats bad you should see the frying pan" as 2nd skellies head quickly turns the other way. 1st skellie. "can we please get on with the story?" 2nd skellie. "oh oh can i tell it this time?" 1st skelly. "fine you do it. 2nd skellie. "good good. (pause) Twas the night before." 1st skellie quickley turns to the 2nd. 1st skellie. "are you nuts!!!" 2nd skellie. Oh sorry it was just with all the pretty lights" 1st skellie. "i'll tell the story. 1st skellie does a short scary story. 2nd skellie. "oh that was scary. You guys better run along before the monsters show up. I won't tell them you where here." Light goes out and the singing pumpkins start again.....Did you get all that?

Now what i need to know is how to pull this all together. Things i need, such as a computer,vsa,vsa routine, Kit 74 or other. 3 axis kits. ssc boards.. i would like to use only 1 computer if possible. I have put in a picture of the shack set up for reference. I would like the computer to be behind the shack in a self contained weather proof room. So this is the start of this project for 2009 and i need help from the experts on how to put this all together and pull it off......I would like to keep this thread updated as this comes together. I can build a mock up inside then dismantle it for final set up next season....and thanks to skull and bone for putting up the pic for me.

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sounds like a great setup and it's a good thing to start early.
What I would do , is use 1 computer and only 1 VSA setup to pull it all off.
You can program the front and the back seperately.
The only problem you'll have is that it won't be a stereo sound output.

I would program the routine for the pumpkins on the left audio channel and then add the right channel after that routine for your back setup.
I'm not sure if you're able to use a servo controller AND a Kit74 at the same time. Not sure if you'll have enough channels in VSA.
I still use VSA 3 but I guess VSA 4 has more channels available , that I don't know for sure.
But if you're only using 2 skellies , that should leave enough channels open for your other stuff.

As for the moving ( motored ) parts , that should work just fine with either a computer power supply or just plug the motors in if you use reindeer motors.

Good luck and keep us posted on the progress.
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