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So In Maryland

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We have some horror attractions.
I'm now old enough to volunteer, not that I could before, but my mother wanted me older to work at one.

the one I've gone to for 3 years straight is called "Legends of the Fog"

it's lovely.

Though, I want to go to more!!!! :D anyone have suggestions that are in or around Maryland? :D :eek: :)
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What part of Maryland?

Here's a link to some Maryland haunts:

If you went to "Legends of the Fog" I assume you are near Aberdeen? Besides the ones Pumpkinhead listed above, you can try the haunts in Southern Pa Like Jason's Woods and Field of Screams. If you feel like venturing a little further there are a number of haunts in Delaware.
But if you are looking to volunteer you might try your local charity or community support organizations like the local volunteer fire departments, jaycees, etc.
Good luck!
I've never been to it but I saw Bennett's Curse on one of the Halloween shows and thought it would be one I'd like to see : http://patch.com/maryland/odenton/ev--bennetts-curse-haunted-house-5f01479a ...ZR
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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