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I've been shopping around and so far I found a lot of props at Target but it doesn't have much as last year. I'm using a lot of good lighting this year, I have purple lights, a strobe light and I own 2 strobe lights. I'm thinking of ordering some glow in the dark spray paint if they have any and put them on the thombstones and put the strobe lights on each side of my house. Outside of my house I have a lot of different types of candles along the side of the path is skeleton steaks.

Inside of my kitchen window has nothing but cowebs and glow but the black light. On my pay window I have a pumpkin I bought from Target and has a purple light bulb in it. My house is quite small but there's a lot to do with it. I'm not sure what else to put in my bay window. It's the place where my kitten goes too and I don't want her knocking anything down. Thats one thing I'm trying to figure out this year. Is there anything anyone can think of what else I can put in the window. I tried putting up some cobwebs but it doesn't seem to work cause my kitten keeps messing it up.

I also have a skull that blows out fog, I might put that up just on halloween night on the other side of the window but it's hidden by the bushes in my front lawn, I could always put it outside but I'm afraid of people trying to steal it or I could just bring it in if I leave the house.

Does anyone have any good ideas what else I could do. I'd appreciate it alot.
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