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I remember seeing the 100 day marker and thinking it was still so far off but it's only seven weeks and some change now.
What's still left on your to do list?

I need to trim out and re-paint my cemetery columns; 1 weekend

line my toe pincher with fabric; 1 afternoon

re-paint castle facade; couple of afternoons

re-skin some 4x8 wall panels 1 afternoon

finish a couple of tombstones; couple afternoons

build drop panel; 1 day

That's about it. I hope to have everything done by the second week of October so I can kick back and relax a bit, just tweaking small details, etc.. This is the first year I'm not scrambling like a madman to get things done.

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- paint my 14 pvc pumpkin light posts
- paint my 2 pvc black flame candles
- fix the grave digger eyes
- finish the sides of the toe-pincher coffin
- paint some gravestones
- paint the entrance lamp posts
- misc painting and assembling things
painting in on the plan for tomorrow and to clean out the gargage between coats of paint

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So many things to do, so little time, I should have started in August.. :mad:

- Finish my animated ground breaker zombie. 70%

- Find a motor to power and finish my thrasher zombie! 30%

- Complete my shaker zombie. 80%

- Paint paint paint! 50%

- Set up motion activated lights and test sensors. 95%

- Complete my 'vortex' fog chiller. 90%

And find a way to quiet my police siren so no one calls the real cops! :rolleyes:

Typical Ghoul Next Door
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1. Stop myself from curling up in a fetal position in the corner at the thought of how little time is left.

2. Finish my haunted rocking chair (cut aluminum arms and drill/attach)

3. Set up and test FCG rig

4. Finalize invites and party guest list

5. plan menu and game pieces that will need to be printed up

6. Find costumes for hubby and myself.

7. Finalize about a dozen new props and decoration ideas. (paint, purchase bits and pieces, assemble)

8. Hang and adjust my moving eyes painting

9. Panic. Complete and udder meltdown because I know I'll forget something. (see #1)

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Finish cemetery fence and gate. Just need two more full sections and two short sections and gate. Not too bad.

Finish caretaker prop. Still have to seal the head and add hair & eyebrows. Then build the body and dress it. Again, not too bad.

Got a couple of bluckies that have to be fitted with pvc once I decide how to pose them.

Finish the tiny cemetery for my newest spooky town display.

Definitely all doable. Just gotta keep at it.

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55 days?!?!? I gotta get cracking! I have to finish my talking owl, finish my controller, finish my scarecrow, build more LED spotlights, record dialog, write VSA routines, the list goes on.
And today, instead of focusing on what I've already started, I decide to build a grave grabber. I think I need my head examined...

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Wow I wish I had 55, 24 for me til showtime, you think you're nervous!
Need to-
do a extension cord count, I'm sure I'm still short...
finish hearse
finish roof candles and pumpkins on stakes
finish hanging roof lights
and so much more it hurts

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41 days for me, as I'll be in Japan for 2 weeks, returning early October.

- 2 more spider sacs.
- Find a 55 gallon plastic drum so I can make a toxic barrel.
- Toxic waste victim to go in the above barrel.
- Entrance sign to toxic storage (main entrance to my haunt)
- Lighting outlets for all my lighting.
- 5 more dead bodies.
- 1 zombie ground breaker.

Gawd, I'm getting burned out with prop making...

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any chance of putting halloween back a couple of weeks????

as i am putting a haunt together (that i hope is worthy of been a member here) from scratch, i am left with the following (i think)

1 complete animated groundbreaker 50%
2 hack 2 more motion sensor lights, use the motion sensors for props and the lights for lighting
3 buy some green glass for the lights (as 2)
4 buy a wiper motor and some chains and install in a "let me out coffin shaker" (coffins already built)
5 obtain and construct tunnel at side of house
6 obtain costumes to match masks
7 build toxic barrel recirculating prop (if time)
8 name some tombstones (already built)
9 paint dining room
10 paint hallway

ok i admit that 9 and 10 are not strictly related to my haunt, but the wife wants them doing before halloween, so they are on the to do list.

apparently she thinks i am spending too much time "playing" in the garage!!

lies dead but dreaming
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- create backdrop to obscure garage door (propably just draped netting)
-build a bench for people to sit on while having their picture taken with "Jack" (does any one else have this happen?)
-make a dead body to be buried
-make the false grave to bury her in
-make the canopy for over the grave
-corpse some more bluckys
-build pedestals for urns and angels.
-build a toe pincher
-build a rib cage for jack
-assemble and set up ... well everything!
-steadfastly refuse to acknowledge how little time is left.

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Too much.

I have to make the head for my scarecrow,
Overhaul my tombstones / make extras
Mud and Paint my reaper.
Come up with some sort of fence. My pallet wood fence is ok, but it blocks too much.
I need to create a soundtrack and a video for projection.

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1. As soon as my 4 giant spiders dry I need to paint them.
2. As soon as the clay dries on my pvs candles I need to drip the wax down it and then paint.
3. I have 12 baby jars, 8 wine bottles and several other jars I need to fill with something or other, make potion labels and tea stain them along with the burlap lid covers.
4. I'm waiting for my Joann Fabrics coupon so I can finish my spider victim.
5. I need to make a giant pumpkin head for a front yard scarecrow.
6. I need to sweet talk the hubby into making a couple more pvc pipe creatures.
7. I have to create a mummy out of a tomato plant thingy and a wig head.
8. I've got to create awesome party invitations.

I will work up to the last minute on props. lol

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I have a problem with completley something about 90% of the way then moving on to the next thing. So I got a bunch of detail work to do. Tombstones, coffin, fences, skeletons, garage walls... etc. It is all in a close state of completion, I just need to tell myself to say no to new and finalize what I got.

But really I wish I could fast foward about 2 weeks from now. I need to get stuff out of the garage. Then I can spread out all the other stuff. I can plan and plan and plan, but it only gives me general ideas. I need to see stuff out there to decide where other stuff goes. October will be a month of many tweaks and revisions.
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