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Another attempt at sneaking Halloween into the home year round. Tell me how will my better 1/2 will ever say no! :p
So I found this old tub online. 1/2 hour trip and $40 later it belonged to me. It's actually a very small tub barely 4' long so it's not ridiculously heavy (Even less so after the hack)
Bathtub Grass Plumbing fixture Vehicle

I used an angle grinder and zip disk to cut the tub fairly easily and hole saws to relocate the faucet. Now ya can't cut a curve too well with a zip disk so I just got close to my line then rounded everything out with a flap wheel sanding disk.
Furniture Chair Chaise longue Wood Outdoor furniture

When I cut the tub, the edges of the enamel chipped. I made a few attempts at removing all the glaze with little result. (hit it with a hammer, scrapped it, heated it with a tiger torch then quenched with cold water-which had the best results)

Eventually I gave up and used body filler/Bondo to smooth things out.
A thick coating of polyurethane gloss red and some flat black really brought it to life.
Red Vehicle Chaise longue Furniture Classic

I decided to fill my tub with black ooze. (Foam and upholstery fabric stapled to a piece of 1/2" ply)
couldn't forget the shell and star fish cushions. :)

With the tub complete I worked on the sideshow aspect of this prop.
Had some old casters that inspired me.
Furniture Couch Living room Room Table

Then it was just a matter of some finishing touches.
Green Illustration Fictional character Art Fiction

Floor Wood Hardwood Fictional character Leg

Can't wait to include this in my sideshow haunt.
Hope ya enjoyed my little Halloween year round build. (probably ditch the cart when it's in my home) :)
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