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I finally took a moment to hunt down my prop pictures and get them online.

Before paint:

After paint:

Here is what you need (some are optional):

1. Plaster of Paris - $5
2. A store bought skull (or you could make one from clay)
3. Vaseline or other releasing agent - $3
4. Can of expanding foam - $2 to $4
5. Mod Podge - $3
6. Acrylic Paints - $2 a bottle
7. Paint Brushes
8. Fake hair - $1 (found at beauty supply store)
9. Super glue - $1
10. Spray on glue - $4
11. Clay - $1 to $5
12. Utility knife - $3

Here are the steps:
1. Take the skull you wish to copy and first start with building a wall over the middle of the skull (from left to right). This will give you a breaking point for you plaster mold halves.
2. Apply PP to both sides up to your wall. I did 2 coats to start. Your skull should be sitting flat so that you have an entry hole in the bottom.
3. Once your PP has hardened, pull from skull.
3 A. Now this step is a bit optional. I am in no way an expert at making molds, but when I pulled my PP mold off, it came off in a couple pieces. So if this happens, take some super glue and glue it back together. Once that is setup, add another layer of PP to your mold (after its been removed from your skull). I am sure this is not the greatest solution for a mold that you need alot of detail from, but for this instance I have not seen any of the cracks showing up on my skull.
4. Apply a layer of Vaseline or your release agent to the inside of your mold.
5. Connect your two pieces together, and wrap with duct tape. I actually got lucky here, and my skull mold fit perfectly inside an ice cream pale. This removed the need for duct tape.
6. Now with your mold upside down in a bucket, take your can of expanding foam and start to fill. The more the better is my motto! I use a little more than a half can of foam per skull. I generally fill the whole mold (even though the can may say it expands to double). While filling I will also stir and shake my mold a bit to fill in holes. Finally giving all sides a hard tap once done.
7. Let it sit for 24 to 48 hours. Foam will come out the top of your mold. Cut away with your knife every once in a while. This keeps your work space clean, but it also helps to provide air to the foam inside that hasn't cured yet.
8. Once things are looking good, take your mold from the bucket and slowly pull it off your skull.
8 A. Now in some cases your skull might produce holes where the foam didn't fill in right. Get your can back out and fill the holes. This may cause an odd formation in the skull, but personally I kind of like how no two skulls I have are exactly the same.
9. Get out the utility knife and carve away any excess foam.
10. Paint a layer of mod podge around the skull. The skulls are generally a bit rough and i have found that this step helps to even the surface out a bit.
11. Apply your acrylic paint starting with your base color, then adding detail work later. Teeth can be either painted on or you can create them from a glue. I personally just like painting them on as the teeth take some time to create.
12. Finally add hair with glue spray on if you are going for more of a half rotted skull look.

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Thanks guys! My guess is that the average cost is about $2 a skull when we are talking just about the buying the can of expanding foam. About $20 to $30 to get all the supplies to start with if you dont have them already.
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