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Skull Candelabra Project

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I was at HD today and saw a clearance rack of lamps. I noticed 3 candelabras that were originally $44.99 but on clearance for $8. I bought two since I didn't think I would use the third one. I plan on making pvc candles with flicker lights coming out of skulls. I also am planning on making something similar out of a chandelier.

I already have the pvc and glue gun so it should just be the cost of 5 skulls and some flicker lights and a bit of wire I have laying around. I should be able to make this for under $20 each depending on how cheap I get 8 skulls.

Here is one pic that I am using to reference for my chandelier project that shows the candles in the skulls heads. The others are on my website.

Any ideas?
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You did a great job. Were you able to keep it within the price you had hoped?
Not sure why I said 5 skulls in my first post. I meant 4 for the candelabra but I opted for 3 with a large candlestick in the middle. I don't recall what I paid for the skulls but I got them at Kroger for probably around $5-$7 (pack of 3). I purchased a strand of flicker bulbs at Big Lots for $9. It had 10 bulbs but I used only 4 sockets and bulbs so that is $3.60. The wire I had laying around that I soldered to extend it through the skull and pvc candles. The candles are made of pvc and hot glue that I had laying around also. I supposed the pvc was only about a $1's worth of scraps. That would total around $17.60-$19.60 depending on the cost of the skulls at Kroger.

As far as the chandelier I purchased two sets of 3 skulls from Big Lots and they were $14.99 each ($5/skull). I used the 6 flicker bulbs and the existing sockets from the chandelier, scrap pvc, wire, hot glue, solder, wire connectors. The wire had to be cut so short near the base of the skull from the chandelier that I opted to connect them with push in wire connectors ($3). The extensions were soldered to the sockets. I then purchased $10 worth of threaded pipe in the lighting department at HD. I used those to keep the sockets at the exact length I needed for the candles. I could have ran the wire up that tube but since I used the wire connectors it wouldn't work for me. Also, this idea came to me later after my wires were connected. I also had some black spray paint from other projects used to spray the chandelier and some cream colored spray paint for the candles. The red on the candlesticks was from Hobby Lobby called tomato spice for about $1. That is around $50 plus the scrap pipe and wire which might push it to $55 if you had to buy some. I saw these chandelier's ready built for $400-$500 so $55 wasn't bad. If you don't have a chandelier you can get a cheap one for $35 or so at HD/Lowes. This project was one of the most rewarding I have done so far. I am sure it will be very well liked at the party.

Feel free to post your pics/plans for your chandelier or candelabra here.
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