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Skull Candelabra Project

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I was at HD today and saw a clearance rack of lamps. I noticed 3 candelabras that were originally $44.99 but on clearance for $8. I bought two since I didn't think I would use the third one. I plan on making pvc candles with flicker lights coming out of skulls. I also am planning on making something similar out of a chandelier.

I already have the pvc and glue gun so it should just be the cost of 5 skulls and some flicker lights and a bit of wire I have laying around. I should be able to make this for under $20 each depending on how cheap I get 8 skulls.

Here is one pic that I am using to reference for my chandelier project that shows the candles in the skulls heads. The others are on my website.

Any ideas?
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