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Bringing the Dead to Life
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Sorry if this has already been posted, but I was just doing my monthly SkullandBone.com visit, and read that this year was going to be their last year to do a yard haunt. It makes me sad. I have used them as an example, and aspired to meet their standards, without success. While it came as a surprise, everybody has to retire from this obsession at some time, and they did it at the height of their haunt. They are also selling some of their stuff, and I know that if I could afford it, I would drive down there and buy it all. I just wanted to pass along the message, and warm wishes to them. This is from their website:

"This year the rain clouds parted, the fog lay low, and the lanterns flickered softly. The cast of friends and neighbors warmed our walkway yet again. I’d like to express my unending gratitude of all the ToTs, neighbors, haunters, family and friends that has shared in the wonderful experience of haunting Miss Rose 2008.

As the last light faded, it struck me that the fleeting moment was, and needed to be the final moment for Miss Rose. Anyone that knew Miss Rose closely, knew the final curtain was near. That said, I can’t bear to watch her slowly fade. It is now time to blow out the candle, instead of watching it burn and fade away. Miss Rose is a project I loved, that kept me sane for years. It also kept me on the brink of insanity for years. She will always be in my heart, as I still retain the wonderful friends we have made over the years. It’s now time to pull the final curtain on Miss Rose.

As many of you have seen, I always start with “Thank you for the kind words”. I truly mean it. Serving as a place to see a haunt, on the web, and in person, has been a great a great honor. We never knew at the time Miss Rose would take off, and would inspire so many others. I am truly thankful for everyone who enjoyed our somewhat unique take on haunting.

As Catullus said, “Difficile est longum subito deponere amorem” (It is difficult to suddenly give up a long love) and this time is no exception."


"I've debated selling, giving, donating the Miss Rose haunt. I regret having to sell it, but the truth is, that it will help to move another project forward if I do. The only prop I wish to retain, that is in the pictures, is one of the bucky corpses.

My quick estimate of the props included.
3 fence columns with urns
35 feet of cemetery fence
5 flicker lanterns
1 pumpkin creep
1 bucky corpse
1 coffin with 2 blucky corpses
8+ Tombstones
4 large cemetery monuments
1 very beat up, mausoleum
1 crank ghost, motor in poor condition
2 Urns
3+ lighted pumpkins
10+ foam pumpkins and pumpkin vines
2 blue flood lights
6+ low voltage lights
2 speakers
1 scarecrow
1 open sign
20 feet of chain fence
35 feet of extra chain
10+ ghost lamps
50+ faux candles and tea lights
10+ wooden crosses
3 broken fog machines and timers

This collection would clearly take a truck to move. Sorry, I cannot deliver it.
I am taking offers, and I do not wish to break up the collection if possible. We are located on the central coast of California near San Luis Obispo."

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That is a blow. I have modeled much of my graveyard after them. But, it sounds like they are moving forward with another great project. I wish them good luck and thanks for being such an incredible inspiration.
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