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Skeleton Warriors update

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Mucking about with positioning some of the skeletons tonight and adding on bits of rags, armour and weapons (loads more to secure on), helmets are heatgunned plastic bags which i shrunk around a real medieval bascinet about ten layers (surprisingly sturdy) and the faux chainmail mantle on one is simply a spray painted anti-slip mat. 3rd skeleton (without armour) was painted with a mahogany woodstain rather than oak and looks a bit more 'fresh'. Once I get the coloured lighting and a few strobes with more 'set dressing ' done it should look rather cool I think. Also I will mould the hands to better grasp weapons and probably the bodies in general to give a more animated feel..also looks like I will have to do an indoor one because of the weather.

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Skeleton Human Art Jaw Flesh
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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