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Skeleton repair?

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I have a couple Walgreen's pose & stay skeletons. Last year was the first time I've used them,
in fact they just came out of their boxes when I put them in the cemetery. Since November, they've been hanging
by their strings from the rafters in the garage.
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A couple weeks ago, I took one of them to work with me (what else do you do for your boss's birthday??) and I
noticed a crack in a vertebrae. Is there a way to repair this? Some sort of epoxy or something? It's only about
1/3 of the way around the bone and I really don't want him decapitated!
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Try E6000 glue.It's my go to glue for just about anything. After you glue it, try some Apoxie-Sculpt over the damaged area. That will help strengthen the damaged area. Hope that helps. PS......You might want to store the skeletons in a different fashion. All the stress on the neck area from hanging them most likely caused the crack. http://www.walmart.com/ip/24692833?...42959272&wl4=&wl5=pla&wl6=78881812592&veh=sem

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I took the head and neck off of one of mine in order to animate it. While doing so, I dismantled the neck and installed a length of 3/8" all-thread down the neck. There are niches/ribs where the nuts will fit nice and snug. If you dismantle the neck and install some kind of internal rod, that will make it better than new.
Check out this pic:
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Hope it works out!
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mikkojay - what style animation did you do? It looks like you might have been working on a 3 axis skull? How did that turn out? I started planning a 3 axis skull, but have not cut my pose-n-stay open yet. I bought a 1/4 all thread rod, but you used a 3/8". I am guessing that is better strength. Perhaps I should go with 3/8" too. Did you build from scratch or use a kit? Thanks.
That is one of the projects in the queue. It is all DIY, but I do have my own laser cutter. The servo arrangement in the head is like the Halloween Bob type. I'll probably start a thread on it when I get the loose ends cleaned up.


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Wow... that's a sweet set up. Amazing! I don't have my own laser cutter, but am lucky to have access to someone else's. I look forward to your thread when you are ready to post with full details.

Could you share the DXF, PDF, SVG or other formatted file you used for the laser cutter? That would save me a bunch of time trying to get the dimensions right on someone else's equipment.

What size rod end/ball joint/heim joint did you get? Where did you get it? Since you are using a 3/8" rod, did you use a 10mm or 3/8" rod end?

Thanks, that is a one-off prototype. I used a bigger dia rod because of the ball joint I had in my parts box at the time. My next one will likely use the .25 rod and joint. I will pick it up soon and put more info in a new thread as to not clutter this one. I need to modify the base plate file I have to accommodate a new pcb I had etched.
Thanks for the input! I happen to have some E6000 at home (to rhinestone dance costumes!) and I'll check into the Apoxie-Sculpt - where can you find that? Hobby Lobby?

I bet that all-thread makes them nice & sturdy. That might be something to check into, even tho mine are just static props. With the wind we've had the past couple years, the extra strength would come in handy!

And no - they're not hanging anymore. I'm pretty sure I just had an idea about a storage rack...... need to work it out on paper ....
Well [email protected]! This past Halloween, I finally got my skellies all hung up into nice, neat rows...
better to reconcile the situation now than having to perform orthopedic surgery later:rolleyes:
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I have Buckies and I take off their legs and lay them in a bath blanket with their legs along either side, wrap them up and put in a lg bin. I can fit 2 and a Budget Bart in a bin like that. They've faired very well like that over the past 10+ years. My problem is my Frankenbucky. Pieces are breaking all over on him. Forearm bones, ribs, etc. It's very disheartening! I wanted to try E6000 on him but I didn't even bother to get him out last year. He's so heavy.
Hey Lisa48317, This is interesting because I bought a skeleton last year at Walgreens too and the neck and ribs broke. I made a few phone calls to complain and found out that Walgreens actually used very cheap materials and knocked off the real "pose and stay" skeletons by Seasons (Crazy Bonez) that have been at all the big stores the last few years. I knew something weird was going on because the Walgreens version isn't the nearly the same quality as the 2 I bought at Costco the year before (which are both in perfect condition)
BTW, I used a combination of rubber cement and white zip ties to repair mine, it has held up good so far and you can't see the zip tie unless you really look for it. Good luck!
Hey Evil Pig, That's the word I heard. The Walgreen's skeleton last year was a cheap knock off of the Costco , Pose n Stay skeleton.
Lot's of the Walgreen's cheap skellies breaking… The plastic is way better quality in the Costco, Pose N Stay.
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