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I'm in need of some suggestions. I have a couple of ideas to do with a skeleton (a hard plastic Blucky for 3 dollars), but I want to see what I can do with it aside from some of the generic ideas (hang near a tombstone, escape the grave, ect.)
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Something I've wanted to try but haven't had the time/space/means for is to take a disarticulated blucky laying in a pile and have it "reassemble" itself. I still don't know how exactly I would do it, but essentially the bones would be strung on heavy fishing line connected to a disc-base and a suspended disc just above the range of view. I'd string the bones such that each string would line up with the bones in the vertical line (so hand-ulna/radius-humerus on one line, foot-tibia/fibula-femur on another, thorax and skull on yet another, etc. or just have each bone on a string of its own that would line up visually with the rest when viewed from the proper angle). You could have what looks like a pile of bones [when the suspended disc is low and all the fishing lines are lax] suddenly float up into space and stand up by raising the suspended disc, thereby all the bones would line up to a person's form as long as the audience's view point is controlled. Has anyone ever tried something like this? My main concern would be controlling the side that faces the audience -don't want the skull looking in the wrong way- and the possibility of tangling lines when the system is at rest, but I can certainly think of ways to remedy those problems, I just haven't experimented to make sure everything would work.

You certainly got a steal on those bluckys, and at that price I'd say experiment with an effect or technique that you've been dying to try out but feel a little unsure about. Even if it doesn't turn out quite like you expected, you really aren't out anything.
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