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Skeleton Cage Tutorial

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I've been wanting to create a skeleton cage to hang from a tree in my graveyard this year. However, I did a lot of googling and couldn't find any tutorials. I did find some pretty pricey ones on Ebay, but my dear wife has me on a budget. So, those $100+ ones on Ebay were out.

To my joy I just found this site this morning and am sharing it in case anyone else has been trying to figure out how to make a skeleton cage.


Click on the "Projects" link and then scroll down to the 2002 list and you'll see the Skeleton cage project along with a parts list.

Thank you, thank you to the owners of Shallow Valley Funeral Home for putting their tutorial up there. I'm anxious to get started on this one.

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These can be made on a budget. This is an old photo. I made this with about $10 worth of plaster lathe from Home Depot. It has held up to today. The basic framework is just some scrap 1" x 2" lumber. Wood glue and 1" staples hold the lathe to the frame.

The same old cheap latex skeleton still resides in it 10 years later.

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