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Skeleton Bob

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Here is "Skeleton Bob" . He does his standup routine in the Haunted Forest and is very popular. He is new and improved this year. In the past he was actually more of a ventriloquist because he would talk but his mouth never moved. and he was stiff as a board because his body didn't move either. He just stood there, telling his groaner jokes. Originally, Bob was just a blow mold skelly sitting on a stool with a wooden face/head. The next year he moved up to being a standing blow mold skelly with a better head and forearms but still no movement at all either in the skull or body. A few weeks ago Wicked Grandma surprised me with a talking skull she got from a swap meet and I did a little surgery on Bob. I did a head transplant and a full body redo. I did keep the blow mold ribs and screwed a plastic box with the skull controller inside to his back. Now both his body and mouth moves as he does his 3 minute routine. Below is a sample of his show. (Sorry for the photo. For some reason I can't seem to get it to rotate vertically).

[ Waste

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Good job SP! I have to say though, my jaw sync controllers will do a MUCH better job with the animation. You'll be able to get the jaw to react for each syllable of a word. ;)
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