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Singing Skeleton Quartet Videos 2009 to present

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Rather than keep posting these in the big thread, I thought it would be more relevant to list them here as I add more videos.

Here is what Sindy Skinless and the Decomposers have been up to this year.

Except for the Scream Scream Scream video, these were all taken on Halloween Night at the location where they were set up in an old Inn in Vermont called the Woodstock Inn.

They made the whole room pretty creepy and gave me a stage to set up the group on.

Some of the video was sub-par due to low lighting and not having perfect angles to set the camera at, but they came out pretty good so far.

Here they are:

Scream Scream Scream
YouTube - Sindy Skinless and the Decoposers sing Scream Scream Scream

Dry Bones
YouTube - Sindy Skinless and the Decomposers sing "Dry Bones"

I'm In The Mood For Fright
YouTube - I'm In The Mood For Fright

I'm Dreaming of a new Body
YouTube - Sindy Skinless and the Decomposers sing I'm Dreaming of a new Body

...and a couple more still to come.

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sindy skinless and the decomposers have been one of my very favorite display and props for the past years , thanks for posting the videos , i probably will never achieve props like this but i am hoping to have something similar one day because it is so cool .
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Thanks, I hope to continue to inovate, add effects and create new songs for them to sing as the years go on.

I do have one or two more from this year to post. Another one will go up tomorrow.
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About the only thing I can say is that is just plain fantastic, I really like the animation of the arms, looks great. You've set the bar pretty high for next year. Maybe you and Mark G. can combine forces!!!
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I don't know what next year will bring, but I better get started.

Mark and I have been talking, but so far, there has been no talk of a collaboritve effort.

Maybe if we lived closer together.....

Anyway, Here is another one from this year:

YouTube - Sindy Skinless and the Decomposers sing "Rise Up Ye Buried Gentlemen"

I only did one other short one that should be up tomorrow. So there were 6 new routines this year plus all the 8 old ones I did over the past two years.

We can now play a pretty long set without repeating a song.
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Very Very cool!
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And now the final installment:

YouTube - Sindy Skinless and the Decomposers official Introduction 2009
The group introduction and theme song for 2009.
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Incredible stuff, as usual. You inspire us all.

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How have I never seen this before? Those are amazing. Great videos as well.
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Thank you!!

These are some new songs from 2010:

I decided to start including the lyrics right in the video in case you miss some of the words.
Hope you enjoy my continued work.

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I've been working on some new tunes for 2011.

No video yet, but you can keep up with the latest on my Sindy Skinless facebook page.

Just go to http://sindyskinless.com

If anyone gets a chance, please view some of my videos directly on youtube and help me get the view count up. Apparently embedded views don't count (and that's where I get the most action, just look at the number of views on this thread!)

Videos for 2011 will be going up here soon. Keep an eye out.

Here is the first of the 2011 Quartet videos:


More are on the way soon, as quickly as I can edit the video.

Your work is so impressive, from lyrics to animation, that I'm surprised that one of the Halloween shows hasn't come knocking for an interview!
Here's another one for you!


And thank you, CraigInPA
The third installment for 2011 is here now!

This is "Causing you to Shriek", a parody of "Dancing Cheek to Cheek".

I redid a video from last year that didn't come out so good last time. I had trouble with the camera automatically adjusting the light when I didn't want it to. A Different camera, a new setting and better lighting gave me a much better video this year for one of my favorite songs.

Aw, my entertainment for the evening! First time looking through this thread and love the work you and your crew have done over the last few years. Great schtick and I look forward to their future appearances. Nice work guys.

You know, while we all sit back and watch in delight, I'd love to learn about what you have to do to put one of these together. Studio recording to video editing. Obviously a labor of love. And we do love your work.
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