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Ok ... I'm VERY anxious to see your progress , so , I uploaded those files for you .
The first one is the one by Disney , the second , by Marilyn Manson and the last - Panic at the Disco . All songs are "this is Halloween"
Didn't know which version you wanted and since I am REALLY wanting to see how you talking pumpkins turn out , I figured I'd better not take a chance , and just load them all . LOL

Disney-original version

Marilyn Manson version

Panic at the Disco version

Hope one of these are the version you were looking for :)

( these are in MP3 format )

Here is the original if you need it in WAV format instead of MP3 ( of course , the WAVE file is MUCH larger - about ten times larger , than the MP3 ones )

Original in WAV format

If you like , or want either of the other two options in WAV format , just let me know :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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