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Singing Pumpkins using servos

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Ok, someone gave me this idea last year and you know how ideas can sit and fester. Well after last Halloween, I decided to make some singing pumpkins to entertain the TOTs.

The parts list is so far:

-4 425BB Hitec servos
-1 Linxmotion controller
-4 single-channel LED boards (made by azdude) for the eyes
-4 Foam Pumpkins
-4 servo extensions
-4 Lucite plates (this will hold the pumpkin and the servo)
-4 servo brackets (made by 5artist5)

I've included pictures of the foam pumpkins before and after I cut out the mouth parts as well as a picture of the single-channel LED boards (I turned the boards over as the design for those belongs to azdude so if you want it you will need to contact him).

I still need to cut out the Lucite plates to hold the pumpkins and take pictures of those.

More to come.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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