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Has anyone had success using Gemmy's Lightshow for singing pumpkins? I've read some of the poor reviews in other threads, but the Lightshow price was too low to pass up. Now I'm trying to think of something to do with it, but I don't want to waste time since Halloween is quickly approaching. Thanks in advance.

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Ok , a little background for that piece of hardware .
First , its very good for a person to use for Christmas and the person does not have to deal with programming the lights to music . The hardware does it for them . Now , IMO , this is not the best way to do it . This is basicaly like a COLOR ORGAN or LIGHTENING BOX ...
It takes a predefined frequency and converts it to electricity .
Problem with these type items is that , there is no way to say , have pumpkin #1 only sing with a specific voice , if the song has , say , multiple singers singing . Since , the frequency will also happen when the music is there and other combos of song and music .
Remember ... the hardware reacts to FREQUENCY , and doing such does not allow you to "program" in which pumpkin sings when .
Not like AL , or LOR , or Vixen , or VSA . These programs allow the user to program WHICH channel comes on when and for how long and how ... full bore , dimmed , flickering , or ?
So , although it IS good for somethings . Its not gonna thrill you for using as a controller for group of singing pumpkins .
You could use it , for , say , something like this :

Have ONE prop ---- either singing or talking , but ... if its singing , then the music would have to be on on the other channel , and not on the same one as the singer singing . Otherwise , you'll get the lights coming on , mouth moving to music and not words .
Now , you could also do this as well .
If you have a song that you like , and the singing comes out on both channels, as well as the music , you could use a program like AUDACITY and blank out one channel and then pipe in your voice singing the song and that would be the channel that you have the pumpkins lights/mouth connected to and just don't have a speaker set up for that channel . Then , all the TOT'ers will hear , is the song/music coming from say , the left channel and the right ichannel ,, s the one your pumpkin's light is set to go off to .
Again , those are really good for Christmas lights more than for Halloween .
Personally , I , myself , perfer to use Vixen , which is a free program and the hardware is very easy to build , is cheaper than the others , and its a DIY'er type of setup . ;)

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You just gave me an idea. I just bought a Gemmy Lightshow (supposed to be delivered today but we shall see). I am already putting together a pumpkin quartet using servos. I can buy a bunch more pumpkins (when they are on sale of course) and have them hooked up to the gemmy light show.

Thanks for the idea. :D
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