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Singing pumpkin effect with retail "light show?

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I want to create the singing pumpkin effect. However, it is beyond my electronic and computer capability. I was in a Spirit Halloween store today and found a "light show in a box"....4 pre-loaded and arranged songs, ipod adapter, 6 inputs for elecrtical decorations(or pumpkins), external speaker and so on. So, do you think I could create the effect of individual pumpkins singing or will it just look like a random light display?
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It probably won't be what you expect, but it's a start, my first year I used the lights and sounds of xmas, turned the music down, nothing was in sync with music I played, and the next year I took the big leap for a real show.
Well, I couldn't pass it up. I'll try when I get home and see if it works.
Witchie Woman , i will do the singing pumpkins with the gemmy light show , it wont be like the computer program show but for this year it is gonna have to do and beside the song this is halloween will put ambiance to the porch ;)
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