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Is there a silicone mask company that actually keeps inventory? I want to buy a mask and sleeves, willing to pay, but I really don't want to wait 2 or more months. In fact if you read their FAQs it's like no one even wants to commit to any timeline. It's like you're LUCKY to ever get the product. I've googled "silicone masks" and emailed some of the companies and don't get a single reply. I come across this in the haunt industry a lot. It's like everyone is "artist", and no one wants to run their business like a professional business. For example, last year I paid about $1200 for fog juice. I tried to order from the most established name in the business but they refused to communicate over email and their website form was broken... and when I tried calling I got a voicemail... so I bought it all off Amazon. (Which turned out great because the off brand was just as good but cheaper.)

It's just hard to accept that to spend $1200 on a mask and sleeves I'm going to have to beg someone to take my money and then wait around for unknown amount of time.

Is there a professional acting (not professional looking) silicone mask maker out there?
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