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13th Ward Fx

Order your custom Silicone mask and make all your friends Jealous and all your Neighbors and Huanted house customers CRY
These mask are high quality professional grade movie ready masks at a fraction of the cost as those other guys!
I do not work for this company, just an extremely happy customer who I feel should get the word out and save people money!

Main website


Contact: TEL (443)485-13FX ~ EMAIL [email protected]

ABOUT 13Th Ward Fx~

13th Ward FX specializing in Silicone masks, and costuming solutions. We provide the highest quality silicone masks and unique costuming Solutions at reasonable prices. 13th Ward located in Lancaster County, was started by Jeremy Spickler and Andrew Biggerstaff. Who together have over 25 years of experience in the haunted house and FX industries. Jeremy has 15 years of experience as an FX coordinator and production manager at Field Of Screams, Andrew is a professional photographer and has been working as a manager at Field Of Screams for 10 years.

Together they combined their passion of silicone mask making, costume design, and urban exploring, into a unique and exciting business.

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