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I'm making new (and more durable) signs for my haunt this year. I just finished the rules sign...

I'm going to start on the street A-frame sign tomorrow.
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I may need to do this. We certainly get some idiot kids who come through and try to ruin it for everyone..
That's a great looking and all inclusive sign. Very nice.
Nice looking sign. What are the letters made from?
thats sweet. r u a big haunter??? or r u a home haunter?
Thats nice!! Whats the dimension?
The sign in 12" wide by 24" tall and is made out of 3/4" plywood. It was made on a VersaLaser cutter/engraver. I sanded the wood and then painted it all black with basic cheap latex paint (that I've been using a ton of for this year). I then used the laser to burn off the paint to form the letters (and also slightly engrave the wood in the process). I could also do the reverse (burn off everything but the letters) but I thought this looked good and it took less time to run. I'm using thin MDF for the A-frame sign so it'll be interesting to see how the finished product looks on wood with no grain. I expect it won't be quite as interesting but since it'll be viewed at a much greater distance I don't think it'll matter.

BackYardHaunter, I'm both... a big home haunter!
Great job! Gotta love the VersaLaser.
You forgot to add to the sign: "Visitors responsible for cleaning up own urine and vomit spills"
Ha! I didn't forget... I just ran out of room! I had to remove me "No Crying like a Baby" rule too... drat!
thats awesome dude and i was reading ur web site that it was free. good dude...
opentrackracer, it looked alot bigger than that. thats a perfect size.
I was thinking of creating a sign to prevent the use of flashlights. The main problem is that adults use flashlights to show their little ones who's who and how effects are done so that they're not so scared. I understand that, but they shine it into my eyes and the eyes of any other actor there. It's a hazard for us because we're blinded with light, then our eyes are no longer adjusted to the low lighting. We can trip over things, stumble, damage props and/or settings, etcetera. This is a recent thing that started happening last year. The funny thing is that the kids are no less scared when they see there's nothing to be scared of.
I finished my other sign today. This will go on the corner to direct people onto our street.

I'm very happy to cross these items off my list!
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Signage looks fantastic. Nice job!
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