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Sign Up AND Discussion Thread for The Secret Reaper 2014

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well, fellow reapers,,, at long last, here it is,, the sign up for the reaper!!!

Ready, set.. GO!!!!

Start of sign up:

July 16, 2014

Ending date for sign up:
August 16, 2014

Shipping Deadline:
September 17th, 2014


1. The values of the gift must be $20.00, give or take a dollar or so,

2. The gift can be homemade, store bought, or a combination of the 2.

3. gift must be Halloween related

4. You must get a tracking number when shipping your gift

5. You must PM Bethene when you ship, along with the tracking number

6. Send Bethene a PM when you receive your gift, PLEASE do this, your reaper will want to know it arrived

7. if you are having a issue with sending a gift, please contact me to see if it can be resolved :
if you do not send a gift but have received one, you will be banned from further secret reapers.

if you agree to these terms and would like to participate, please message Bethene with the following information:

Name and address
likes, dislikes, themes if any, and any other info you feel might help your victim (example< out door haunt, indoor party, etc) PLEASE,, make it as detailed as possible, it makes it so much easier !!!
shipping preference : any where, USA only, USA and Canada only, Canada only, Europe, etc.

Have fun every one, lets make this as great a secret reaper as last year!!
Let the fun begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
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Whoot in first one
let the fun start come on in and join the great funny people lets rock this Reaper for 2014

now to go get my likes in and pm sent
love that so many are jumping in whoot come join us peeps
Oh yeah - it's time! Count me in and let's just cut the suspense - I'll be making my victim a tombstone. Bet that was a surprise ;)
your victim well be one lucky person to have some of your art :)
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this sunday i am heading to enchanted forest looking forward to it for inspiration on Halloween and go in there haunted house should be fun while i wait for a victim

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We are up to 78!!!! :)
Sweet come on guys lets brake 85 by Friday :)
whoot that means were up to 80 come on 5 more people by Friday you know you want to join the fun peeps
Okay guys, I have a question. My older sister is one of my biggest Halloween supporters. She is always with me when I am out thrifting and is always on the lookout for things for me. She is my right arm in decorating and helping me host my parties especially the Be WITCHY one. Anyway she has had a rough few years with her husband being confined to a nursing home for the past almost 3 years and finally losing him in February. Then her health crashed and she has been in the hospital several times since then. She is on the mend now and looking and doing like herself again.

We just got her moved into a bigger place and I have spent everyday with her for the past three to four weeks helping her unpack and decorate. Today we were working on her very ample Christmas and other decorations trying to organize them and store them with easy access. She looked at me and said, "I wish I could be in one of those Reaper things. I wish I knew people to do something like that with where we could do it without a computer."

She doesn't use a computer and doesn't even have or want a smart phone. She went one to remind me of years ago the year that our daddy died when we did numerous swaps on other boards. Barbara, my younger sister, my daughter and I all took part in an Advent Swap where you did 25 gifts for someone. Daddy's health crashed around Thanksgiving and we spent all of December with him in the hospital. Every evening we all had a small package from a virtual stranger to help us get a little joy out of the season.

She said that that was such a wonderful outlet during our grief and she was right. She went on to point out that although she decorates for all other holidays, she has never done much for Halloween since we do so much at my place and she is such a big part of it. Again the past three falls she was really tied down with my BIL in the nursing home, too.

This got me to thinking about how neat it would be to have a Secret Reaper for her as a surprise. Would anyone object to my doing that? I would gladly take on sending out the gift for her to her victim. The only problem that I have is how to go about this. Since she does not "do computers" I don't know how to go about it. I could get all the info added for her and even do a screen name. The downfall would be that there would be no history of posts to stalk and there would not be a lot to add to. I definitely don't want to spoil the fun for someone because I know that the stalking and the hunt for info is much of the fun. However, I would gladly add any info for her potential Reaper that they wanted to know. I could sort of be the "proxy" for her. Is this dumb? Too much of burden for you guys? Unacceptable?

If this was done, I would not tell her a thing about it until the Reaper package arrived in order to surprise her. I would be willing to answer questions directly from her potential Reaper or whatever was needed. Just a thought and something that I think would be a great way to help her get through the upcoming seasons that will be so difficult being the first of all the holidays without her husband of almost 49 years. They would have celebrated their 49th anniversary on July 31.

She is truly starting over with a new home, and I thought this would be fun for her. Some of you weigh in on this and let me know what you think and how it might be best done if it is agreeable for me to do this.

I think it is a fantastic idea
ok, I actually have a better idea , how about we all, as reapers, do a small pay it forward thing for her? How would every one feel about that? we have at different times done something similar, like the year NOWHINING was sick and could not join in, we all sent her something little something. any input? then who ever wishes to send something, could message printersdevil for the address. and maybe for some ideas of what kind of things to send her sister, what ya all say????
i am game :) count me in
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Speaking of Reapings...I MISS YOU GUYS sooo much!!!!!!! I only have internet every now and then at my parents house and I'm having withdrawal symptoms from you guys

Love your idea Bethene!! I'm def sending something so you'll have to pm me an address Printer. I am probably going to be forced out of this Reaping but counting the days til SR2, I'll have a house then :)
big big reaper hugs sweetie we look forward to having you back soon :)
Frogkid11,don't worry, I am going to send everyone note about it when I send out the victims, so all the reapers know, because not everyone keeps up with the thread.

We are up to 86!! :)
way to go peeps we hit over 85 by friday whoot now lets go big and hit 100 by monday
This is so exciting, already working on it and it is coming together so well!
to cool :) i have some stuff ready to go for her also :)
i have been busy cutting out 20 voodoo doll now hand sewing them they will be christmas garland when i am done :)
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come peeps lets hit 100 sign ups whoot come join the fun
Geez, you lose internet for a couple of days, and look what happens! HF and SR pulling together to make sure that PrintersDevil's sister has a fantastic Halloween! It may be the ale, but I just want to say how much I appreciate all of you, and what you do!

PD, I will certainly be sending something your sister's way. It may not be of the caliber of Saki or BR1MSTON3, but I hope that she will like it anyway. What sort of treats does she like? Is she a chocolate girl? Candy corn? Homemade? What does she like to do outside of the holidays?

Bethene thinks it may be quiet, but what she doesn't know is that I've been in town twice within the last week! ;) Granted, I'm booked solid this week, but I'll be sure to begin stalking anew next Sunday!
she will love what ever you make sweetie :)
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We are up to 91!!!whoo hooo!
A couple of folks who said that they want to sign up have not messaged me yet!
whoot come on peeps lets hit 100 today
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My sister in law booswife02 is helping me with my first reaping so i cant wait to get a victim!
A big welcome to you :)
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