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Sign Up AND Discussion Thread for The Secret Reaper 2014

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well, fellow reapers,,, at long last, here it is,, the sign up for the reaper!!!

Ready, set.. GO!!!!

Start of sign up:

July 16, 2014

Ending date for sign up:
August 16, 2014

Shipping Deadline:
September 17th, 2014


1. The values of the gift must be $20.00, give or take a dollar or so,

2. The gift can be homemade, store bought, or a combination of the 2.

3. gift must be Halloween related

4. You must get a tracking number when shipping your gift

5. You must PM Bethene when you ship, along with the tracking number

6. Send Bethene a PM when you receive your gift, PLEASE do this, your reaper will want to know it arrived

7. if you are having a issue with sending a gift, please contact me to see if it can be resolved :
if you do not send a gift but have received one, you will be banned from further secret reapers.

if you agree to these terms and would like to participate, please message Bethene with the following information:

Name and address
likes, dislikes, themes if any, and any other info you feel might help your victim (example< out door haunt, indoor party, etc) PLEASE,, make it as detailed as possible, it makes it so much easier !!!
shipping preference : any where, USA only, USA and Canada only, Canada only, Europe, etc.

Have fun every one, lets make this as great a secret reaper as last year!!
Let the fun begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
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Hey, guess what? I'm in! I'm so sorry for sending my info days ago! I guess I am not usually back on the forum until after it has been announced. I wasn't sure of the protocol and got all excited, haha.
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I finally got around to doing that for the last one, and apparently I deleted it by accident. Fat lot of good that did me.

This time, I found my list that I made for the Pay It Forward thread, and just edited it. Then I added it to my blog here, because I know it's going to get lost in the huge thread...and it will be easy for my Reaper to find there if they can't find it on the thread. :D

I just knew that by this time I have a word document with all my likes typed out, oh I was wrong
Count me in for sending something to PD's sister, too. Unfortunately in past years, I've only been able to send to just my reaper, and not to other list members who were getting surprises. I wished that I could, but I'm just now back on my feet financially from the divorce.

Her list seems very easy. I am sure that I have cute and/or vintage looking things for her, and those are always easy to find or make, too.

I also can't wait for someone to properly stalk, because I have some ideas, but I'm not sure if they will like them...cause I don't know who THEY are yet! haha I know, we're all in that boat right now. I picked up a few things that I haven't posted about, that will be base pieces for crafts. I just have to wait for a name so I know what to add to them. ;)
D'oh! I seriously need to go to bed. I just posted, asking if I accidentally deleted my likes/dislikes post, because I couldn't find it on this thread. Ah, probably because there's a different thread for that. Yeah. Going there now for more editing...
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I agree with needing detailed lists. Some, like mine (!) may look too long, but remember that we're not asking for everything that's on the list. We're just giving a really wide variety of likes and dislikes to choose from.
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GiggleFairy, I just swore off of Buzz Balls forever, and now you tell me that there's a Mudslide version? Ack! Just one more, then! I have tried two other flavors, and didn't like them, too strong tasting for me. :) I had Pina Colada, and Green Apple. There's a blue one that is tempting, too. ;)

Ophelia, wraps are a godsend! I wish that my 3 yr old still fit into my Ergo. He's a wild one, and even though he's pretty much the size of a 5 yr old with a 3 yr old mentality, he thinks he's 16. Ugh!

I have some ideas for Babo, I should really get started!!

I think this is my 3rd year for the big reaper. I hope that my list isn't too disjointed. I tend to ramble! I have edited it a million times already, mostly trying to make it make sense, haha.

Speaking of my 3 yr old, he just brought me my Nightmare Before Christmas DVD. I love that little boy!
I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your cat, imthegoddess!
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I had to...well...giggle...at this, seeing your witch in the cauldron pic next to your name. Maybe not so much firewood next time?

"It's a little chilly . . . "????? OMG Ophelia, it's hotter than Hell where I'm at! I can't wait for the cooler weather to blow in! I love the Fall weather. *sigh*
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Woe is me, no victim. ;)

I'm going shopping tomorrow!

OK, OK, so I went today too, but didn't find anything. Tomorrow I go to the big city, though!
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Shakin my behind! I got my victim! I got my victim! Woohoo!
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Yes, yes! And send out a few friend requests as well, perhaps...

I'm terrible about sending out requests, but I always accept them!

I have to go visit at least 40 profiles now so everyone sees I was there and thinks I have them!
See, you all beat me to it. I had to get off of the computer for a bit, came back later, and bam! Buncha friend requests! :D

Just visited a boat load of profiles and sent out friend requests....are one of you my PRETTY...um er VICTIM.....muahahahaha
Yes! The Easter witches were so cool, thanks again. :D

I was all set to send a teaser picture to my victim. I thought about it for several hours last night, and then this morning, it occurred to me...I have it on my Pinterest board, and it's a local place. If I sent it, it could give it away. :( It's not all that scary anyway, but now I'm bummed that I don't have a teaser idea. I will probably still print it out and send it with the main package, though. Just to throw something local in.

She wasn't kidding :eek: Things I have done before, sent a card, sent a dollar tree heart in a velvet lined box, sent photo paper printouts of Danish Easter witches. I think I've sent candy. I have a teaser or two in mind for my newest reaper victim. It's so much fun to tease them and let them know you are watching.
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Someone asked if Pinterest is back up. It was for me just a minute ago, I was pinning away (home stuff, not Halloween).

Of course, that was asked about 40 min ago, so you probably have already been there, too.
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I have very little right now that will work for my victim, BUT they are going to be pretty easy to find and make stuff for, so that works out.

I made a secret board on Pinterest, so I can repin some of their pins, in hopes of making some of the items. I love secret boards! ;)

I had one idea already, but got a few from them, that I wouldn't have thought of.

I also went to a few random pages in the likes/dislikes thread, and friend requested a few people whom I haven't seen posting lately, but who signed up for the exchange. That will throw off the trail of who I really have for a victim, right? ;)
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Sorry that I posted and ran. :) Thanks for explaining it, Bethany. We have people coming over to measure for new windows today, so I'm popping in and out until they get here.

1. go to pinterest
2. by your name is a + on the left; click it
3. click create a new board
4. Name your board & fill in whatever
5. The 5th question on that drop down is Keep it a secret; click to move it yes
6. Click the creat board spot at bottom.
7. Now you are done & have a secret board no one else can see :D
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Our house is around 100 years old, and still has most of its original windows (or at least, they seem to be). We realized after buying it last summer, that they replaced two with plexiglass. Then about a month ago, another window pane popped loose from its frame, and it's plexiglass, too! I would never think to do such a thing, but I guess they had a Great Dane who was a window breaker.

They replaced a few with real windows, but not very many! We have 12 more to go, including two beautiful old cut-glass windows. I want to preserve those and re-frame them, and then hang them from chains from the ceiling behind the new windows that we'll have installed. They're too pretty to lose! They're clear, not stained glass, but the beveled diamond shapes throw pretty rainbows around the room in the sunlight.
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In Sweden, they utilize witches at Easter time. So a lot of older greeting cards show witches on them. I collect the pictures, although aside from the ones that I got from imthegoddess as my SR teaser, I only have them collected online. ;) I need to get around to printing the rest out, someday.

Their Easter lore says that on Maundy Thursday (Thursday right before Easter), witches gather on their rooftops for tea or coffee, before flying on their brooms to the Blocksberg mountains to have a dance and celebration, much like Germany's Walpurgisnacht on May Eve at the Brocken.

what the heck is a Danish easter witch? :D
( And in case anyone wanted my oppinion on candy corn, i will refer to last years reaper lol...)
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OK, I edited this for clarity, and I know it's long, but some of you really prefer specifics. ;)

Please note that items for my pets or children are not necessary, nor expected at all. This is just if you feel like it. I myself have never added items for pets or children, that I can recall. Sorry to my past victims, if you would have liked that. I just didn't think of it.

I do have a mostly lazy cat who loves catnip and batting toys (doesn't like the jingle balls we bought), and a spry young Lab/Pit Bull mix dog who shreds plush toys in seconds flat, but is pretty good with other toys (except the cat's jingle toys). Probably neither are into costumes or clothing, and the cat already refuses to wear her collar. They're not picky about treats.

Allergies are not a concern for people or pets in our home.

My kiddos:

My 14 yr old collects Pokemon stuff; he doesn't care if he already has it.
He likes scarier type Halloween things than the other two; scary books, zombies, House of the Dead, Silent Hill, also Plants Vs. Zombies, he plays those games pretty often. He won't wear shirts, hats, buttons, lanyards, etc. that have movie or game characters on them. He's missing out on ToTing now that he's too old, so I wind up buying him candy. He likes everything except the super-sour stuff like Warheads and Cry Babies. Regular sour, he likes. Crackers of any kind, cookies, pretzels, all good. He doesn't care if it looks like it's for little kids if it's consumable, haha. He definitely does not like raisins, though.

My 13 yr old is mentally and physically handicapped; he likes things that preschool kids like. He does not put small toys in his mouth. He likes squishy or bendy characters, picture books (likes to flip pages, doesn't like being read to), toys that twist and click (like puzzle sticks where you can mix one character's head with another's body, and another's feet, etc.), those clear globe-wand lights with the spinning LEDs in them, other types of hand held lights, things that pop up when you push a button or pull a lever or string, bath squirt toys. He loves cute or spooky Halloween characters ("scary" doesn't bother him, he laughed all the way through the Haunted Mansion ride at age 5), Spongebob, Peanuts, Mickey Mouse and friends, Winnie the Pooh and friends, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Scooby Doo. I buy him candy too, but he can't do Now and Laters, Mary Janes, thick salt water taffy, any type of hard candy, or gum at all. He likes soft chewy fruit candies, all chocolate candies; crackers of any kind, cookies, raisins, or pretzels. He doesn't like to ToT or dress up, he'd much rather stay home and watch his DVDs. He likes character plates and bowls, but he physically can't use sippy cups and can only use lidded cups with straws (he dumps contents out of cups without lids).

My 3 yr old is easy to find things for. He does not put toys, slime, Play-doh, etc. in his mouth. He likes everything that's cute or spooky; Casper, Peanuts, any Disney, Little People, books to look at or listen to, Play Doh, slime, dinosaurs, superheroes and villains, knights, dragons, all animals, spiders, insects (except roaches and maggots), monsters, vehicles, bath squirt toys, etc. He also loves those little cardboard house boxes that Dollar Tree has. Oh, and he's a jigsaw puzzle master. He can do 50 piece puzzles, even small pieces. For candy, we don't give him hard candies except Dum Dums or flat suckers (no jawbreakers, Jolly Ranchers, Brachs hard candies, full sized Tootsie Pops or Blow Pops--but mini Tootsie Pops are OK). He also does not chew gum yet, and doesn't like very sour things. Crackers of any kind, cookies, raisins, or pretzels are fine. He loves to dress up. He has a fireman hat and coat, pirate head-kerchief and sword, hard hat, safari hat, rainbow clown wig, Army camo hat and vest, dragon full body costume, top hat, Captain America mask and costume. If you have old costume pieces to be rid of, he wears size 4-5, he's tall (he doesn't mind if things are too big, either). I would like to try to make or find him a Casper costume this year, he's a huge fan of Casper right now. He likes character plates, bowls, and cups, and can use any type of cup, whether it has a lid or not.

VICTIMS: That means everyone! Do you have pets? I can't just say fur babies, because some of us may have birds and fish and snakes and spiders and such. Besides myself, I noticed a few other likes/dislikes lists contained this info. I'd love to see all lists stating if they had pets and what kind(s). Some reapers like to throw in a Halloween goodie for these special companions. :D
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He Is afraid that kids will make fun of him for liking it, because some of the kids at his junior high told him that it was dumb. I have told him that I have adult friends who still play, too.

My niece is 22 and still collects shirts and "cooler" things with them on it. She gave him her Pokemon Monopoly game a few years ago, but it's not complete. She kept the Snorlax game piece because when she'd make my dad play with her, that was the one that he always chose. So after he died, that really meant a lot to her. I'm sure we're missing some money and other pieces too. He doesn't actually play with that, but he likes to have it, and pretty much everything else Pokemon. I found a vintage lunch box for him at one garage sale a couple of years ago, and a Thermos at another sale. I knew he wouldn't use them, but they were cheap, and he likes to keep them on display.

When his dad and I got divorced, he lost a LOT of the figures that he had. His dad just threw them out, because he thought that he was too old for them, and he was only 11 at the time. He also threw out his Red Gameboy cartridge (for the original style) and Gameboy adapter for his SNES. I need to scour eBay to find replacements for those. He shows his 3 yr old brother how to play the games, so they really enjoy that together.

I re-wrote my pets and kids post, so I'll go edit that now, if my Reaper is keeping track. ;)

Let your 14 yr. old know that my 21 yr. old & several friends are still Pokemon fans! So am I, but refused to upgrade my GB every year or 2 for the newest Pokemon games. :p Somewhere I have boxes of pokemon & Our favorite Monopoly is the Pokemon one. :D
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