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You MUST have a minimum of 15 posts if you are a new member.. I feel bad implementing this, but due to circumstances I feel it is best! I am sorry if it is a hardship, but it will show who is willing to be on the forum and actively be a part of it..

here is the sign up for the 2015 2nd secret reaper

when you sign up PLEASE put secret reaper 2 in the title, so I know which is which, seeing as the first reaper is going on!!!!!!

Start of sign up:
August 30, 2015

Ending date for sign up:
Sept 20 , 2015

( that leaves only 3 weeks for sign up! )

Shipping Deadline:

Oct. 11, 2015


1. The values of the gift must be $20.00, give or take a dollar or so,

2. The gift can be homemade, store bought, or a combination of the 2.

3. gift must be Halloween related

4.You must get a tracking number when shipping your gift

5. You must PM Bethene when you ship, along with the tracking number

6 Send Bethene a PM when you receive your gift, PLEASE do this, your reaper will want to know it arrived

7.. if you are having a issue with sending a gift, please contact me to see if it can be resolved :

if you agree to these terms and would like to participate, please message Bethene with the following information:

Name and address
likes, dislikes, themes if any, and any other info you feel might help your victim (example< out door haunt, indoor party, etc) PLEASE,, make it as detailed as possible, it makes it so much easier !!!
shipping preference : any where, USA only, USA and Canada only, Canada only, Europe, etc.

Have fun every one, lets make this as great a secret reaper as last year

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Oh coool. I am not on here a whole lot, but am active and love the Reapers. I am so excited to know that there is another before the big day. I just hope that everyone ships early enough for us to use the things this year. I am in. Gotta update a list and will update again and edit when I get the current Reaper gift.

Thanks bethene! Will send email and info later.

Head Witch
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Oni ( I have a wall dedicated to this year round)
Oddities and all that entails real or fake
Day of the dead ( fireplace is dedicated to this year round)
Kitchen witch (Year round )
we are doing a Frankenstein theme this year
hand made
black and white graveyard pictures
Universal monsters
we are doing a gypsy type theme this year, ( decided after finding out that there Are Gypsy's in our family background)
Handmade goodies
2nd hand goodies are awesome
Love Oddities realistic and Real
searching for complete small Bird skeletons for a project I want to work on.
don't worry about being too gory


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im SO GLAD you posted the 15 post rules and should apply to members too per year. reapers need to be able to stalk their folks. ive got to see where i am at costuming, got five or six big projects to do. i may jump in alittle towards the deadline.
I agree with this screamqueen, I was happy to see the rule too. It takes away some of the fun to not be able to stalk. or if someone signs up and then doesn't post again. I sort of think it should be mandatory to post on the likes/dislikes thread as well. any hoo, I can't believe it is already Sept. and time is tickin' for the deadline of reaper 1 yikes !!

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Cemetery theme
Undead animals
Potion bottles
Wall prints
Ornate picture frames
Spiderweb covered items.
Nightmare Before Christmas

Disney themed Halloween
Cheesy decorations
Fall decorations
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