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Sibeling Rivalry *

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List of supplies

Bob and Mikey- Priceless
Pink Christmas Tree- $20.00
Bow- Have had around for a few years
Arrow- Donated by my grandson
Rit Dye- Donated by my daughter
Face Wax- $0.25 From a kit purchased after Halloween
Blood Capsule- $0.25 From a kit purchased after Halloween
Teddy Bear- Borrowered from grandaughter
Bucket- Have had around [mixed blood in]
Spoon- Have had around [mixed blood with]
Newspaper- $1.00
Total $21.50
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OH Hallo- that is such a fantastic moral to your story. For the life of me , I couldn't figure out where you were going with this ! Didn't realize you were being sooo sneaky and it was going to be a continuation with more scary photo's. The make up is very good and the boys do look like that had such fun doing this. I can imagine you all giggles and giddy behind the camera directing the scenes. You did an excellent job ! Wish you good luck !

Ps : how did you get bob 's LED eyes ? And is that baby underwear hanging on the fireplace? lol

· jester girl
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yes, that is baby tights hanging on the fireplace, and a couple of socks, one being a grinch sock. gotta have stockings on the fireplace. since we had mikey playing with his little sis's bear in part one, we put the christmas stocking there to acknowledge her. bobs sock would be the grinch sock. we took the flash off and put on night light and then played with a dim background light, without the flash that is the result. instead of red eye he has led eyes. it took at least three pictures before we got the exact result we were looking for. one pic was to on fire, another pic wasn't fire enough, another pic was to blurry. that is funny what you said above about you didn't know where i was going with this. from my first half of my entry you made a comment that you were sure my moral would be really good and you couldn't wait, from that i figured you had figured out what i was up to, i told my daughter you had a scary insight. lol

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well, it's surprising we have had as many as 1331 lookers and only a total of 61 out of that have taken time to vote. where is the spirit of the halloween family. i think all of us who entered are going to have to go to a sad pad. there are so many wonderful entry's, we'd appreciate some support. there's got to be someones who appeals to you. way to go meeps. at least you got a few votes.

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Hey hallor,

I think we've done all we can do and need to accept the fact that not everyone wants to or can vote. Perhaps some of those 'lookers' were unregistered bypassers?
I dont think pushing is going to help.

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