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ok so first i will ask a question. i was wondering if anyone knew of a way to make an existing razor into a switchblade razor or how to make a whole new razor with a switch blade mechanism. either that or what would be even better is someone who makes a razor with the switch blade mechanism as show in the vid below
YouTube - TheSweeneyToddMovie's Channel

i also wanted to know if anyone had any ideas as to how i can make a good blood slit throat squirting effect like they used in the movie. i have watched some videos on youtube on this and i think my best bet would be to try and create something similar to the user IndyMogul on youtube (search blood squirt effect on youtube and find indymogul), and i know there is a person by the name Chaddirects who makes a blood razor, but i want to see if i can make something myself as then i wlll have more control over the movie accuracy.
thanks for any help in advance, im new here and just thought i might as well start getting active and asking/giving advice! ^^

ok. now i will post a picture of my razors, i currently have 4, but i need 3 more to have 7 in a box like in the movie. the box i bought at New York Comic con and the razors i bought off of ebay, one of them i bought at a store in NYC called Gothic Renaissance, they have great clothing there but it is just so expensive!

broken razor, but it shows the detail

razor with blood on it (yea,..the blood looks really fake..sorry)
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