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This is a thread for everyone to post pictures (preferably) and maybe even a brief tutorial as how to create what they've made.
I'm not a big prop builder so i normally stick to crafts, but i'm not even good at that, but hey.
Theres pictures of the Skull Candle i made and just two pages of a spell book which will be permanently open on those pages.
I made the skull by -
Covering a hard plastic skull with foil, then masking tape. I then papier-mached it all over. Cut it in half when it was dry, cellotaped is back together and applied more papier-mache. I used acrylic paint to do the base and then i used a dark brown oil paint to make it look more aged and give the detail. I then just melted a few shavings of wax and stuck the candle to that, then lit it so the wax dripped down.
The spell book was made on Microsoft Publisher and was just printed on coffee/tea stained paper and then i dripped some of the red wax from the candle on it to resemble blood.
So if any of you have recently made something you're particularly proud of, post it!

By the way, i know that you can see the pages have been stuck on, i just haven't got to trimming it.
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