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Wow that is awesome!!! Have you ever heard of Inktober? If you haven't, it's an event all kinds of artists from all over the world participate in where you draw (and line art) a doodle every day of October. It's a sketching exercise. The works don't have to be specifically in Ink, but the idea is to sketch and then line your work. Some do small doodle, some do big, it can be of anything at all but I try to go spooky. Last year was my first year of completing the entire month. It's a struggle but the idea is to find time.

I love it, it can be a challenge to find time but the deeper into the month the more it becomes routine.

I'm trying to improve but here are some of mine!

Illustration Drawing Outerwear Art Sketch

White Black-and-white Illustration Shadow Monochrome

Blue Illustration Drawing Design Art

Painting Drawing Illustration Art Mural

Drawing Cartoon Sketch Illustration Animated cartoon

Cartoon Illustration Art Watercolor paint Painting

Drawing Illustration Cartoon Sketch Art

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