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Should i interput this, "How?"

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Tonight a Grandmother, Mother ,and Granddaughter were here for the house tour.
After just two rooms the Daughter was upset,scared? Whatever? The Grandmother was too, it seemed ? The Mother seemed to really like the house and the tour.
The Grandmother and Granddaughter left after I changed the tour and showed them the backyard, then told them how the rest of the tour was routed through the house and yard.
The Mother was still enthused to be here. She went to the Wine Cellar with me and saw the exit runnel, went through it.
I told her about people seeing "Orbs" here.
Then she told me they had also seen"Orbs" when they toured the Stanley Hotel !
Then she said her scared daughter had no problem walking around there. at" The Stanley Hotel!"
.... so...is my house scarier than the Hotel Steven King based "The Shinning" on?
I put much effort into having them want to remain in my house,all for naught?
The Mother seemed to really appreciate my efforts and will probably be back sometime.
Two of their group were left at the other end of this town to kill time at the Dairy Queen.They were too afraid to even sit in the parking lot!
This all happened at 7pm,to 7:40pm it was still very light outside........all very strange.
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Illinois is a long, long drive but one of these days.....
I know right?? I have told GW visiting his house is on my bucket list!! :) :)
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