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should I get this? Need inputs :)

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I came across this Lifesized deer head that is motion sensor ed and sings different songs. He was listed at $38 at an antique shop. I was thinking, well, the songs are horrible, but mebbe I can use him for something more gory but can it be hacked, ect. I researched online and came across some sites selling him for a ton of money, and it looks like he allegedly comes with a wireless mic and a remote to play with his ear movements.

Im just on the fence as to if I could hack him to do something else or feed in a line somehow, I only saw the one jack opening in the back for a power plug and I dont remember seeing the remote but it may be there as its attached from the pics online. I dont think he had the remote, so .....should I get him? If so what should I use him for/do?

this is what he looks like-
GEMMY* BUCK * SINGING TALKING ANIMATED DEER HEAD TROPHY - eBay (item 120470969693 end time Sep-24-09 19:49:45 PDT)

some videos- though I cant play sound so I cant tell the quality of audio-

YouTube - singing deer heads are creepy

singing gemmy deer - Google Videos
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Wow - you would think this could have soo many possibilities! Maybe mount a hunter's skull on a plaque next to him and they could chat... ;) Could you turn it into Rudolph the Red Nosed Wolf? I bet the technophiles on the Forum will give you some great ideas. Seems it's a real find but only if you can adapt it to work well. Then - there's always Christmas... ;)
Get rid of the horrible songs paint the eyes red and just use the mike with it to scare TOTs
There is most definitely another jack. The pictures on your ebay link show the microphone has a jacked cord. So it plugs into the deer somewhere so you can talk as the deer, or loop in a sound track. The only problem is in this manner the deer will not be animated; that is why they give you the remote. I would say it is probably hackable too.

Put some switchable red LEDs for eyes and he could go from Bambi to the Cujo version of a deer! Oh the possibilities!!
lol, pretty good ideas so far. I checked him out briefly but he had one jack in the back (on his fake wood wall mount thingy) there may be another on the side but I seem to remember it having the one jack then it plugged into possibly the remote from there? Hmmm, Ill have to go back tomorrow. I dont think it has the microphone but will look tomorrow, anyone know a cheap place for a wireless mic? :)

I like turning it into a werewolf, as the antlers are removable, or an Anubis head talking to passersby warning them of dangers ahead..get it..lol..LEDs for the eyes and gold leaf would be awesome. I wonder, to fur him or not to fur him, also theres flocking that makes a nice finish on stuff that would give him a more animalistic look as Anubis. Heres a cool link with neat pics-
Google Image Result for http://animalmakers.com/Services/images/Flocking/HorseNoFlock.jpg
I have been looking for a plain deer head - but this one could be set up like in the Evil Dead movie.... I didn't even know something like this existed... :eek:

I have one of these and spent yesterday trying to pry the dang thing off the wall so I can switch him out for a mirror this year. Make sure and keep the screws a little loose when you mount the bracket to the wall..otherwise it is a very tight fit! I only hung bats on the antlers of mine so I can't help with any hacking..oh and a cat will use it for a scratching post if you don't watch out...LOL!
Mine came with a wireless mic,a remote that can make the deer go up/down/left/right,move ears,play one song,play all songs and a cord you plug into the deer and then into a cd player or something like that. Down the side of the base is AUX,volume,on/motion mic/aux,all songs,one
song...there is a motion sensor on the front as well.
Mine seems to not move as well and makes a grinding noise in only the 4 years I've owned it but for what you will pay it is still worth it!
I have one and for 38 dollars he is worth it.
I have mixed feelings about that!!!!! I really don't know what to make of it but at the same time i have verry limited ideas, I never get a prop on this feeking i have now, i need to know right away i will be happy with it for years and will have MANY MANY uses for it
I'd love to have one of those!
Zombie-F made a laughing deer head out of one (like in Evil Dead 2) and put it on the wall of his Funny Bones skeleton comedy Club. It's cool!
oH YA! I totally forgot about the talking deer from Evil Dead, lol. Thanks for the additional info Deadna, so there IS an AUX plugin :) At the antique shop hes hanging by a metal wire on a nail, much easier than nailing him in :) I dont think he has the mic but $38 BUCKs is not a bad deal as some day :) thanks for comments :)

EDIT- just talked to someone who worked there and said its on hold, I guess the person who wanted it didnt have cash but said they will be back and its on hold until tomorrow. From the sound of the buyer they seem to really want him, so Im not holding my breath, gee that was super quick, he was literally only in the shop one day, the shop guy said the owners just dropped off stuff that day. I left my number in case they dont show up.
Good luck, kittyvibe!

I am trying to figure out how to justify the cost of bidding on one up on Ebay...:eek:
poops...he was sold. Oh well, Ill be keeping my peepers open for one now that I know it exists. Ive thought of what I wanted to use him for and it was gonna be epic!
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