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shipswheel light fixture how to!

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i spent about $35 bucks on this.i got a small wagon wheel from big lots($16)6 table legs from lowes$10 ,glue sticks($4)and a can of spray paint($4).first thing i did was cut out a few of the wheels spokes.then i drilled some pilot holes ,where the handles of the shipswheel would go.the table legs had a screw in the ends ,so i just screwed them to the wheel.i added some hot glue for a little more hold.

then i cut some pvc pipe i had laying around.i cut a angle on the ends,and the lenth was 5''. i cut 7 pieces.i then used hot glue all over the tops of the candles.

i stuffed the candle holders with paper towels.i then painted the whole wheel.

i then added the battery operated tea lights to the holders.i also added wire to hang the fixture.hope you guys like it.

this night pic wasn't as good as i wanted.
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