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Shipping Items Midwest and West

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It seems to us that shipping items is one of the most difficult problems that we all face. Let me introduce myself, I am Birthday Girl (yes, Halloween really is my birthday). My father in law and I run a small shipping company, with personalized service. A search for PapaJoeMoves, will turn up some of feedbacks on various websites. (or we can provide some for you if you'd prefer not to search) Papa Joe picks up the items, prepares them for shipments, and will also be the one to deliver them. We cover West of KC, MO to the West coast, South to I-8 and north to I-80. We make this trip approx once every 4-6 weeks.

If you have an item would like us to transport for you, let us know, we are very reasonable, and the best part is, we are open to trades for items for our house hold haunt in Colorado Springs.

Birthday Girl.
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Papa Joe will be heading out the end of this week, or early next week. Planned route is Colorado Springs to KC, MO, down to Dallas/Houston, then over to ALB, NM, Phoenix and LA, CA. After that head north on 99 thru Bakersfield, on up to San Fran, then East to Sacramento, Reno, SLC, then back to Denver. We'll be picking up and dropping off all along the way, so if You're wanting that ghoulish item, please give us a chance, you won't be sorry! Check out our feedback on uship.com.
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Just a bump in the thread. Papa Joe is heading east to Indianapolis about the 23rd of July, then heading west to San Fran, LA, Las Vegas and then back home to Colorado. Hit us up if you need some of your halloween stuff picked up. FOr fellow Haunters we are very reasonable, and of course, fully insured.
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