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For the final steps of the basic grave grabber you will need the Head and hand, two lengths of PVC pipe each 8" long and one 6" long and the fittings

Step 1 - the Arm

Assembly the two 8" lengths and 2 45degree fittings as shown and attach the hand to the Arm

Step 2 - the Neck

Attach the 60 degree fitting to the 6" PVC pipe

Step 3 - Attaching the head to the neck.

The skull being used is hollow under the jaw bone - to attach the neck to the skull I used the following

First take a 6" length of pool noodle - this has a 1/2" dia hole through

Next, slide the pool noodle over the PVC

Finally fit the neck assembly into the skull

Hopefully you will have a skull that this method can be applied to. If not you will need to find another method of fitting the neck to your head/skull

Step 4 - assembling the grave grabber

Attach the arm to the left hand side of the massager and the head to the right side

This completes the assembly for the basic grave grabber.

You may need to adjust the placing of the plumbers tape to the massager and/or PVC pipe to get the movement you want, also the positioning of the head and arm.

Dressing the grave grabber will be your choosing, depending on the type of grabber you want and You can pad out the arms using foam pipe wrap.

Over next few weeks I will add alternate builds for the grave grabber, and also builds for cases, coffins etc for the grave grabber to be located in.

Let me know any queries you may have on this how to, or any alternate builds you would like to see an how to on.




PART3 (alternate)
MOD NOTE: can't locate part 3 alternate images in Herman Secret's albums. :(
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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