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I'm doing a mid year haunted basement again, considering I ended up moving from the haunted house where i did set design, to a more professional haunt of which i only acted in- I have many props that still to this day remained unused. Well, I'd like to use them.

The room I was excited to work on was a Bloody Mary room, but unfortunately never got to.
I need your help, Does anyone have a clear, really good- really LOUD sound effect of glass breaking? I need it for a background soundtrack for an "Entering the mirror" type of thing- showing you've warped from one realm into another. I need it to basically sound like someone through a 5 by 5 sheet of glass off a building. LoL

Basically to show you've broken through Mary's mirror and entered her world. (Kind of like what Halloween Horror Nights Orlando did.)

Thanks everyone!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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