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Share Pics of Your Reaper Gifts In Use

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My original plan was to use my 2014 Winter Reaper gifts indoors for 2015. Something about me...and plans.

My father had been in a nursing center since mid May and entered hospice mid September. He passed mid October.

I couldn't find the time or energy to decorate both indoors and out this year so my secret reaper gifts were incorporated into my outdoor display for all to see. Thanks again, LadyGoats!

I received numerous compliments from some very observant folks who recognized these pieces as being new. Your pieces were just what my display needed. I LOVE them.

Iron Room Interior design Table Furniture

Room Fur Skull

Iron Shelf Still life Room Skull

Collection Room Wood Toy

Pumpkin trick-or-treat Winter squash Scarecrow Calabaza

Shelf Iron Skull Room Wood
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