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So here's my idea.

I found this awesome window curbside on the way into work one day. I have the thought to making a shack for it, but making it collapsible (because no storage).

So basically, a 4'x8' sheet of plywood for the back.
the sides would be 2 - 1'x8' strips, but hinged in the middle so they fold inward = making the shack only inches thick instead of 2 feet.
the window (which is 2'x4' or so) would be the front. But its kind of heavy.

My question is.... should I do some sort of framing to keep the plywood from bending? I was thinking of adding a 2"x2" piece of wood across the bottom of the front as support and another piece of 2"x2" between the center of the window & back wall, but that doesn't seem like enough.

Also, how could I treat/seal/cover the ends of the plywood (I would get exterior grade) to prevent rain from getting inside?

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