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I just came back from Austin, TX (Round Rock, actually) to attend my nephew's wedding. While that was fun, the highlight of my trip was going to SFANTHOR! Monster wax museum and gift shop. The wax museum literally opened less than a month ago - a spill over from the owner's Museum of the Weird on 6th Street in Austin. It is still a work in progress (there are spaces for more displays such as the Bride Of Frankenstein and Metaluna Mutant) but what is there is very nice quality. It is an abbreviated history of fantastic films, starting with Nosferatu and going on from there. I especially liked Chaney as the vampire from London after Midnight and Vincent Price from House of Wax. In fact that movie was the owners' first foray into horror films.
The owner, Steve Busti, was a real nice guy and a fan of Monsters, Halloween and its trappings - like us! Much of the House of Wax gift shop is from his personal collection, and included quite a few models, including some I had a hand in. Also, a great selection of T-Shirts from classic Universal Monsters to Cult favorites, and a selection of quality masks.
The museum is small but it is a quality labor of love. Steve commissions the sculpts, but designs the displays and informative boards himself. And as I mentioned he also owns The Museum of the Weird - a Ripley-like sideshow attraction museum. Lotsa fun and both locations have cool gift shops.
If you are visiting Austin (an uber cool place for music and eclectic tastes) and are in need of a monster/Halloween fix I heartily recommend visiting the museum on south Congress Ave and the Museum of the Weird on 6th Ave.

BTW, SFANTHOR roughly stands for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror.

And when you see Steve, tell him Chris White says hi!
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