I rewired this set of 6 metal and glass coach lamps with proprietary flicker technology we created. They have a 5 watt led bulb, and softly flicker, with no repeating pattern/none will ever flicker the same. Just enough ambient light for your house or haunt. They wire directly to 110v power. I also hand painted them to look like weathered brass, and frosted/painted the inside with a soot covered creepy look. They were a big hit with our Hocus Pocus/ Salem theme. Not sure why we can't post video on this site, but I have several showing the look of the flicker I can send you if interested. These fixtures are big, and bulky, and the (glass) is fragile, so I'd prefer not to ship them, but would consider it If you're open to the expense. Thanks for looking! Please let me know if you have any questions!
Water Yellow Liquid Font Gas

Azure World Font Wall Cross

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Drinkware Font Gas Glass Serveware

Water Liquid Window Drinkware Serveware

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