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Serious Advice for Home Haunter Workshop!

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Oh sure, we all have our supplies of styrofoam, paint, latex, glue, pvc, 1x3 lumber, fake hair, eyes, masks, LED's, lighting fixtures, wire, pneumatic items, etc. If your workshop is like mine, there are also a lot of really, really sharp spinning, high speed cutting implements.

It is strongly advised to always maintain all of your fingers in operating order, as they will be necessary later for pulling the tops off of beer bottles. There should always be a cooler of ice nearby where errant digits may be stored until the project is complete. Just don't get upset if one of your haunt helpers mistakes it for a cocktail wienie. If that happens, be sure there's enough stuff in the garage to make some fake fingers to hold you over until you make it to the prosthetics store.

You should always be safe, but, if can't always be safe, be prepared! ;)

NOTE: I have folowed this advice and am happy to say all 10 digits are still attached and working.

This message has been brought to you by the Wolfbeard Council on Home Haunter Safety. Use of this advice is at the user's own peril. The Wolfbeard Council on Home Haunter Safety makes no representations either express or implied, regarding the usefulness or validity of this information. It appears that Wolfbeard was just really bored at work today and was taking a break. Void where prohibited licensed or taxed. No animals were harmed in the making of this post, although numerous electrons were apparently wasted.
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