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Greetings Members of the Group & New Visitors,

The Halloween Online Building Group started in Feb. of 2009, we originally had wanted to plan a project each month but I'm afraid we did not pull that off. As I had mentioned to members, it does take time to organize something like this & also to get instructors for teaching. Needless to say we started off with a great selection of props offered by our members. The 1st set of classes were done by Terra doing a poll of what folks wanted to build.

Also we would like to formally thank all the instructors for their time & patience in teaching & to all the members that joined to build & make the class worth while! Its fun building in a group cause so many things come up & everyone offers so much.

The 1st set of classes went pretty good but we sure would have liked to see more participants. Still when you start something like this it takes time for people to catch on and join, so we are working at that.

The two big projects posted to start the new year are the teaching of the mausoleum by TK421 that starts in Feb., materials list & instructions already posted for you to look over & to get an early start on buying materials. And now Evil Bob has volunteered to teach the hearse building class starting in April with materials lists to follow.

If anyone has suggestions for us or any instructors would like to teach a prop please let me know. All classes are discontinued until Feb. so everyone has a chance to not only get through the holidays but to recover $$$$$$.

I will go over the list of props that were offered & contact the instructors to see who is interested in teaching some smaller props.

For those of you interested in building already posted classes that are over, if you have any questions, all the instructors are people that are online throughout the year here on the Forum, so questions can be directed to them.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Thank You & Happy Haunting!

the Muffster
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