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So, with all our updating and fixing up and testing, we discovered that some of our motion sensors were getting fried! :(
As it turns out, the culprit was the power supply (or so it seems, anyway). For whatever reason, the power supply must be pumping out a voltage spike or something that was cooking our motion sensors, but not harming anything else attached to it. I guess the sensors were too "sensor-tive". LOL
All joking aside, it was getting espensive to keep replacing them, so I finally dug in and figured out what was going on. But how to fix it?
Introducing... (sounds like one of those bad info-mercials) the Sensor Saver! This handy little circuit is really just a delayed power on circuit that give you a roughly 6 second delay between when power is applied and when the power is switched to the rest of your circuit (in this case, my sensors). Fixed the problem!!!
Here's the schematic, if anyone wants it. The components listed are EXACTLY those I used, so they definitely work!
Text Line Diagram Font Parallel

Obviously, this has lots of other possible uses. Just thought I'd throw this out there.
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